Stay safe while
preserving your lifestyle

Preserve your lifestyle with a monitored medical alarm or panic alarm You can have a personalised panic alarm or medical alarm service

Lifestyle Medical Alarms

Why pay more for your Medical Alarm than you have to?

Perserve your lifestyle with a monitored medical alarmStatistics show that remaining independent and in your own home is good for your health.

Choosing a Medical Alarm supplier who will understand your situation and with whom you can build a rapport is vitally important. Lifestyle Medical Alarms has a personal approach to their service. They see each client regularly and know them by name not membership number. This forms a unique partnership with you and your family to ensure that you are taken care of in a very individual way.

With the latest in alarm technology and a tailor-made emergency calling plan you can be assured of the very best of care and attention.

The services provided are:

  • Latest technology alarms with a choice for hearing impaired clients
  • 24 hour monitoring able to call family, friend, neighbour or an ambulance
  • Free ambulances when using the alarm
  • Tailor-made action plan and regular home visits at no extra charge
  • Fully inclusive service for less cost than other suppliers
  • No need to have a landline (cellular model)

Contact Info

PO Box 18073
Glen Innes, Auckland 1743
Ph:  09 585 0068